In 2003, Paul Potratz founded Potratz Partners Advertising together with Michael Staples and Craig Hall. Building on his experience in advertising and the automotive industry, he developed relationships with dealers across the country, from single-point rural dealerships to multi-rooftop, multi-point dealerships. When we entered the picture, many successful traditional agencies existed. While we knew we had to offer traditional, we felt and knew there was much more that could be done in automotive marketing, and our passion was for the digital and online world. Even before the big internet boom, we were already going beyond traditional advertising to include interactive efforts, partnering with Overture* and while internet marketing was still in its early stages. We’ve evolved from a pioneer in interactive automotive marketing to the industry leader in digital automotive marketing. Our digital expertise extends from being Google Qualified to being part of the Yahoo Ambassador program and the Microsoft Ad Network. Paul speaks at NADA and NCM 20 Groups and is also a trainer for the Driving Sales and NADA Digital Marketing Series. We produce Think Tank Tuesday with weekly digital automotive marketing tips, exclusively available on Driving Sales and iTunes and sent to a subscriber list of over 39,000 automotive professionals across the country. We also write daily for automotive blog sites, such as Driving Sales, Automotive Digital Marketing, Kain Automotive, Auto Dealer People, and Dealer Elite. Also, we have been quoted in the NY Times, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, CBS, and several local and regional newspapers and radio talk shows. We work with dealers who embrace the ever-changing digital landscape and find that a successful partnership is more than a marketing campaign. We’re only one part of a successful formula. The other weighing component is, of course, the dealer, whose biggest asset is the staff... their team. At Potratz, we don’t just stop at driving traffic to your dealership. We create opportunities to build long-lasting relationships with customers. We do this through on-site webinars and training events for managers & sales teams, offering expertise in new media, mobile, video search, SEO, SEM, retargeting, website design/management and all aspects of traditional media including TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail and email as well. We get involved with each one of our dealers on a personal level. We empower and educate our dealer partners with valuable market and media consumption information that in turn helps develop long lasting results. Whether you’re new to the interactive world or a longtime technology user, we will work with you to develop a strategy with a consistent campaign message across traditional and new media platforms. Contact us today to begin making changes at your dealership.

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Want us to do it all?Need a specific service? *Overture was the first company to offer pay-per-click search campaigns and content network ad placement on a large scale